What Could Happen? Real Travel Insurance Examples

 What Could Happen? Real Travel Insurance Examples


Why is Travel Insurance so important? Unforeseen circumstances can force travelers to cancel or postpone their trip and risk losing payments they've made. Below are true stories from actual travelers. Take a minute and read about what could have happened to their vacation investment if they had not purchased Travel Insurance.

Little one gets sick
A client's 3-year-old daughter developed a covered ear infection two days before the vacation was to begin. The client had to cancel the trip, but they were in a 100% penalty period with the cruise line, and stood to lose their money. Their entire claim was paid using Travel Insurance.

Flood damage
Mr. and Mrs. J. live in the Midwest. Their home sustained massive damage due to severe flooding. They cancelled their trip in order to take care of the damage to their house. They were reimbursed 100% of their nonrefundable, pre-paid expenses. (Similarly, Allianz Global Assistance has also had clients who had to cancel due to damage from earthquakes, fires and hurricanes.)

Sickness or Injury before Trip
Tom planned a ski trip to Aspen several months in advance and made sure he purchased Travel Insurance at that time. Three weeks before his Aspen trip, he broke his leg at a local ski area. If not for Travel Insurance, he would have lost his entire trip investment.

Family Emergency back home
On the second day of their 14-day cruise to Europe, Mr. and Mrs. C. and their children received an emergency message that Mr. C.'s mother was critically ill. The family contacted the 24-Hour Emergency Hotline for assistance in making return travel arrangements. The Travel Insurance provider assisted them in arranging air tickets to return home. (Their original tickets were highly restrictive and the dates could not be changed.) Because they missed most of their trip due to an unforeseen covered illness, the trip interruption benefit was able to reimburse their additional transportation expenses, plus the value of the unused non-refunded trip components.

Medical Evacuation
A couple from Seattle was on an Alaskan cruise when one of them developed a serious covered medical condition that required emergency transportation to the nearest land-based hospital. The Travel Insurance provider determined that the nearest hospital was inadequate for the patient and flew him to a hospital in Seattle. Insurance covered the cost of the evacuation and also paid all related expenses incurred for getting the client to the nearest adequate medical facility and then transporting him to a hospital near his home, as well as the unused segment of the client's trip under their trip interruption benefit.

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